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Common Questions and answers

Hi my name is Maria Brown I am the president of MAYSL and I know you all have questions so let me try and answer them.  

Q- When will my child play??

A- U6 plays on Wed at 6pm and Sat at 11am on ( on field 1 right behind the green city shed)

U8 plays on Field 5 Thursday at 6pm and Sat at 10:30am U10, u12, u14 and u19 play 2 to three times a week and there is no set days.

The u6 and u8 fields are shared and have to be set.

Top Soccer Plays on sat only from 9-10:30 on field 1

All teams will have a sat game on May 14th for our field day/ picture day. The Picture schedule will be posted on our website a week before the day of pictures. All kids will get a free meal ticket to eat on field day parents will have to pay. Moe Joes is very fair on their prices. 


Q- How do I get a refund??

A-No refunds given unless moved out of our territory or medical reasons.


Q- What will my child need??

A-   A ball, cleats and shin guard boys do not have to use cups but we suggest they do? Ball sizes u6 an u8 size 3, u10 and u12 size 4, u14 and u19 size 5.


Q- When will the schedule be up? 

 A- Once signups are done and we know how many teams we will have we will start making the schedule. 


 Q- Can I play with a friend?

 A- You can request but we cannot promise. 


 Q-How can I speak with someone!

 A- You will need to call parks and rec or email me at manchesterangels@aol.com and I can give you my phone number. I do not feel safe putting it on the website. 


 Q- Are your coaches background checked??

 A- Of Course they are, better safe than sorry. 


 Q-What if it's Raining will there be games?? 

 A- Sometimes this call is very hard to make we watch 3 different radar maps to see if a storm will hit we try and post this on our website by 5pm . However if the storm moves fast there may be a time where we get to the field and the sky just opens and we will call it right there on the field we don't like when this happens but Mother Nature is not always on our side . 


 Q- Can the referees call a game due to thunder and lightning with no rain??

 A- yes we are in an open field the refs will stop the stop and put it on hold it there is more thunder or lighting during the break they will most likely call the game . 


 Q- My child wants to became a referee what do I do?

 A- Contact Tammy she can be found on our board member page he can be found under board members.


 Q- Can I coach my child??

 A-Yes please just write it on your child's appt. and we will see to it that you can coach.


 Q-How can I sponsor my child's team??

 A- You can find the sponsor form on our website and mail it into the Po Box write your child's name on it and then you will good to go, our fundraising/sponsor mgr. will contact you for your logo.



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